Vignettes of Ruin and...

Who Are the Gods of Vice?

I believe that much of any real faith has been superceded by a frenzied addiction to consumerism. Our lives are governed by it. Our lives suffer for it. And we always go back for more. The “Gods of Vice” are the addictions, laws and behaviours that plague our modern world, a formidable pantheon that offers us so many ways to self-destruct.

Updated weekly.

  1. you words are heartwrenching but they leave me intrigued. your heartbreak will be my insight. but i beg you to entertain hope at least weekly.

  2. How beautiful is your idea!!! I know some Gods of Vice… I lived by their rules…

  3. Hello, after reading your comment on eating posted by Giulas41, I was curious about your blog. And I am pleasantly surprised by Gods of Vice. I really like the idea of touching on the angst and ambiguity that our society contributes to consumerism etc. As an artist, I often attempt to touch on some of these subjects as well. Check out my blog if you will.

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